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Sign Post Installations

Placing Installation Orders


​>Click "Order New Sign Install"
in the Sign Perks dashboard.

>Enter property address details.
>Input listing ID, if applicable. 
>Select due date from the pop-up calendar feature. 
*Please not that same-day/holiday selections may result in additional costs. 
>Input occupant name, if applicable. 
*This allows our installers to be aware of anyone at the property at the time of installation. 
>Select post type / Single Install or Dual Install.
>Select any add-on features. 
>Input/select any relevant site warnings.
>Then proceed to selecting sign panel / riders to the right side of options. 


​>Click the "Add main panel" icon located on the sign post display. 
*A list of preset options will appear, along with any
​inventory items you may have stored with Sign Perks. 

>Select the panel you wish to add- then click "Select."


​>Your newly selected "main panel" will populate on the interactive display. 
>Repeat the process for any additional rider(s) / panel(s). 
​>Review "New Sign Install" submission form for accuracy.

Optional: Agents have the ability to select "Make Favorite" to save time on future installation orders. By doing so- the submission form will default to the settings saved, and agents are then able to make necessary changes as needed. 

>Click "Confirm Order."


Upon clicking "Confirm Order," agents are directed to the confirmation page. 


>A confirmation email will be sent to the agents email address on file.

*Agents will always receive the following information on all "New Sign Order" email confirmations: Order Number, Service Address, and the Estimated Placement Date.

>A Sign Perk Installer is dispatched with the order details for installation.